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André van Toly, d+g design

Ik ontwerp en ontwikkel websites en web applicaties, meestal gebaseerd op Java. Daarnaast ontwikkel ik mobiele web applicaties en apps voor iOS.

Yet another small update for Notelet

I keep keeping an eye on Notelet, I've updated it recently to version 1.0.4. Please have a look. Me, myself and I use it daily.

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Tactical Media Files

A renewed website in MMBase: Tactical Media Files - 'living archive' for Tactical Media. Articles, videos, campaigns and other activist media.

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fit&vrolijk website

Logo fit&vrolijk

Ik heb voor fit&vrolijk personal training, small group training, life style coaching en cursussen een heldere overzichtelijke website ontworpen. Anoeska bedacht zelf het logo, dat gezamenlijk verder is vormgegeven. Vervolgens hebben we haar site ingericht en haar bedrijf aangemeld bij verschillende sociale media.

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Notelet is a minimal text editing and sharing app I developed for iPhone and iPad. Still you can copy, paste, mail, text, tweet, post, print or save your text in Dropbox with it. Use Notelet to simply jot something down. Save it for later, or share immediately. Mail, text, or post on Twitter, Facebook or Weibo. Save to Dropbox, copy to another app, print or use all options ;-)

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New Open Images release v.1.2

Open Images released a new version of its media management and transcoding platform. Together with the new release the Open Images website was updated with a bit revamped user interface and other new features like a the download API.
OIP v.1.2 is based on the recently released version 1.9.6 of MMBase.

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OIPlayer example with Ajax

A few weeks ago I wanted a way to place a HTML5 video in a page without Safari immediately downloading it. I came up with a sort of lightbox solution, loading video in a page with ajax.

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Redesign Van Gogh Museum website

Van Gogh Museum homepage

The Van Gogh Museum introduced a new design and we had the privilege to apply it to their website. Besides a new logo, a new font and an overal new look, they decided to recreate the homepage of www.vangoghmuseum.nl without the use of Flash with just html, css and Javascript. The homepage contains a jQuery carousel that can be filled with images and text.

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Blobs to disk recipe

tip #23 / 29 Oct 2012 / 0 comments

MMBase has the option to serve large binary files - like images and other big files - from disk in stead of from the database. The default configuration is to save all binaries or blobs in the database, but can lead to hefty database backups. This recipe is about saving binaries on your filesystem.



Leuke of interessante websites.

HTML5 video player comparison
Chart with video players
Beautyboutique PMU
Beautyboutique PMU, Permanent Make-up: beauty tattoos beautifully made, lips, brows, eyeliner.


Recent werk en projecten.

Personal training, small group training, life style coaching en cursussen. Vind meer plezier in je leven door beweging en gezonde voeding.
Van Gogh Museum
Website van het Van Gogh Museum
OIPlayer media player
Easy to ingrate jQuery plugin for html5 video and audio tags with fallback to Flash and Java.

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